Jeanne d´Arc Living Chalk Paint

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Jeanne d´Arc Living Chalk Paint

Jeanne d´Arc Living

Jeanne d’Arc Living Vintage Paint is just wonderful paint. You will be surpised how easy it is to use. Vintage Paint is natural chalk paint, ready to use. Paint is waterbased and with almost no scent. You can use it also to children toys and furnitures.

Vintage Paint is suitable for inside and outside. Paint leaves matt and silky surface. And what's best, it sticks to almost anything! You can use it on metal, glass, plastic, leather and upholstered furniture. You can even use it to colour home textiles and clothes to add a wonderful, washed-out look. So far, we haven’t yet found a surface that didn’t work well with the paint. If you’re painting special surfaces, you might need a bit of patience. If you’re applying the first layer of paint onto very slippery surfaces such as metal, plastic or laminate, you might think that it it’ll never ever cover it completely but as soon as you’ve added a second layer, you’ll see the nice result.

Usually you don’t need to do any pre-treatment to use our paint and you can skip the time-consuming work of sanding and cleaning. However, it’s important that you think about a few things before you paint in order to avoid blemishes in indefinable shades. The same applies if you want to paint untreated oak wood as it could still contain lots of acid. If you don’t conceal the wood with a concealing primer, you’ll have blemishes. The same goes for stained furniture