Laundry Vinegar

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Laundry Vinegar

Replace fabric softener with this handy laundry vinegar. The vinegar can also be used as a all-around cleanser. Laundry vinegar is safe and environmental friendly.

How to use: Put a tablespoonful of laundry vinegar in the washing machine’s compartment you normally would put your fabric softener to. We recommend that you cleanse your washing machine before using the vinegar since the vinegar will remove detergent residues inside the machine. (How to cleanse? Just run 60C-90C program with an empty machine. You may want to use some vinegar already on this empty wash).

What laundry vinegar does?

clothes become soft and fresh
removes odours such as smoke, mildew and grease
doesn’t leave a vinegary smell or any stains in the clothes.
keeps the washing machine clean and fresh
makes the colours brighter
removes static electricity of clothes
doesn’t include allergenic materials
removes yellowness of clothes
doesn’t change the absorbancy of towels
Try it! We all love it here at Home by Piia!