Little Daniel & Girlfriend teddy

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Adorable Little Daniel & Girlfriend teddies are members of the lovely Bukowski family. Height is about 25 cm. Choose Little Daniel or Girlfriend

Bukowski Design AB is a Swedish family owned business that designs and manufactures adorable teddy bears and other plush toys.

The success of their teddy bears can only be explained by their unique design and the thought process that goes into every product. Each teddy bear is based on a real human being, which makes them so lifelike! And they all have their own names.

All Bukowski products are made of completely new, non-recycled, materials of highest quality and they have CE qualification.

All products are washable in 30 degrees handwash and are flameproof. If your product has plastic eyes they are double-locked, making it near impossible to drag them out – especially for a child.

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