Window films

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Window films

Window films allow you to create privacy in your home.

The frosted translucent privacy film blurs the view and still allows daylight in. Filters more than 95% of uv rays, preventing furniture carpets from decoloring. Adhesive-free film is easy to apply and to remove without leaving marks. The film can be used over and over. Perfect on any smooth, clean glass, mirrors or shower stalls.

Films tolerate from -20 to +60 Celsius degrees.

•Measure the glass and cut the film to the proper size.
•Clean the glass well.
•Spray glass with cold water mixed with a few drops of glass detergent.
•Detach film from backing and apply it to the glass, positioning carefully.
•Gently flatten the film with soft spatula.
•To remove, just peel back a corner of the film and pull.