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Lovely Danish high-quality Maileg bunnies, mice, and other characters have also found their way to Finland and are available at Hyvän Tuulen Puoti. Maileg creates a contrast to the modern world where rush, noise, and commotion are everyday occurrences. In Maileg's own words, "Maileg is a world where matchboxes can be mouse beds, princesses are perfect tea guests, and cats can be friends with mice." Maileg's values are based on the imagination of childhood, and it shows in these charming, adorable, and traditional children's toys.

Maileg Mouse
Maileg mice are the most famous characters in the Maileg world. You can find mouse princesses, ballerinas, adventurers, waiters, kings, princes, grandparents, and many other enchanting mice in the Maileg mouse family. Some of the adorable mice sleep in beautiful matchboxes. The members of the Maileg mouse family are elegantly dressed and you can also purchase or make interchangeable outfits for them.

Maileg Bunny
The adorable Maileg bunnies will surely capture the hearts of both children and adults. The bunnies are available in different sizes, and there are several different characters to choose from. The Maileg bunnies dressed in lovely outfits are high-quality and stylish. The selection also includes a lovely "my first bunny" bunny for the youngest family members.

Maileg Dollhouse
Hyvän Tuulen Puoti's Maileg collection also offers a wide range of cute dollhouse accessories. With these accessories, you can create a beautiful dream dollhouse setting or a room for mice and bunnies. Different beds, lamps, chairs, and shelves allow you and your children to decorate and adorn according to your preferences.

Maileg Christmas
You will also find the popular Maileg Christmas collection in our assortment. Among others, the highly sought-after Maileg elves are available at Hyvän Tuulen Puoti in various sizes. Would a magnificent one-meter-tall Maileg elf be perfect for your Christmas? These Maileg gnomes bring a beautiful traditional Christmas atmosphere to your home. Additionally, you'll find a lovely Maileg advent calendar and adorable Maileg Christmas tree ornaments in our selection.

These captivating Maileg characters bring joy to both young and old. Moreover, because there is a wide variety of characters available, your child can expand their Maileg family one character at a time, even over a longer period. Collecting these characters is great fun, and they make wonderful birthday or Christmas gifts. The delightful Maileg characters provide your child with memorable playtime moments where imagination runs freely.

Best regards, Your shopkeeper Piia

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Maileg characters?
Maileg is a Danish toy manufacturer that produces high-quality and traditional children's toys such as bunnies, mice, and other characters. The characters draw inspiration from the imaginative world of childhood and make a wonderful gift for children.

Where can I purchase Maileg characters?
You can purchase Maileg characters at Hyvän Tuulen Puoti. We have a wide selection of various Maileg characters, including mice, bunnies, dollhouse accessories, and the Christmas collection.

What types of characters are available in the Maileg collection?
The Maileg collection offers a variety of characters, including members of the mouse family, princess bunnies, adventurer mice, and gnomes. Additionally, there are dollhouse accessories such as beds, lamps, and shelves.

What sizes are the Maileg products?
Maileg offers characters in different sizes, ranging from small bunnies to high elfs.

How can I decorate my dollhouse with Maileg accessories?
You can find a wide selection of Maileg accessories in Hyvän Tuulen Puoti like beds, lamps, chairs and shelves. With these you can decorate your dream dollhouse.