Fire blanket Lingonberry

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Design by My Floryd Welin. Size 120 x 180cm.

Arki-fire blankets are part of your home safety and the interior. Stylish fire blanket is a pleasure to hang on the wall, and thus immediately at hand in case of accident.

Arki-fire blankets are great in the kitchen to extinguish grease fires and also in the living room in case of electric fire. Blankets come in handy for example in boats, cabin or a RV. Where there is the slightest risk of fire. Keep fire blanket in a prominent location where it is quickly at hand in case of emergency.
Using a fire blanket is simple. Pull the straps to release the blanket, and then place it on top of the fire carefully and smother the fire. The instructions are printed on the reverse side of the product.

Fire blankets are recommended by fire safety authorities. Notice that design-fire blanket is not for public places, only for home use.

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